Speaker Info.

As a survivor of devastating hardships in her youth, Amira is now living a full life as a wife, and mother of four beautiful, bright children. As a full time student Amira is pursuing a Masters Degree in Social Work and a Certificate in Art Education. Through the Mending The Soul Community Model of Healing, Amira is facing and overcoming such hardships and abuses as; childhood rape, child sex slavery, homelessness as a teen, and severe drug addiction. Stepping out with new found healing, courage, and strength, Amira is sharing her story with a passion to educate, mentor and rescue victims severely traumatized from the dehumanizing acts of sexual abuse. Amira's compelling story of abuse and recovery is a source of inspiration and education to all who have the privilege of hearing her speak.


Past Engagements:

  • Princess Lost Concert at Arizona State University

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