"Amira is living proof that trafficked victims can get on a path to recovery and we feel she is qualified for any opportunity she has to help someone or spread awareness."

               ~Collin McDowell, Editor
                 “Stuck in Traffick”

"It is because of her excellence, our latest story has been nominated for an Emmy Award."

              ~Peter Kertz, Producer 
                FOX10 News

"What I loved so much about Amira was her beautiful spirit that created a gentle breeze in a very difficult topic. Many people can speak but it takes reaching into the heart of the audience, as Amira can do, to really facilitate the change that is necessary."
~Vicky Kress, Author/Radio Host
                 "I Didn't Come Here to Lose"

"There is a significant change in attitude and ambition of the clients after Amira comes and shares her experience, strength hope and wisdom with the women. We are honored to have her as a volunteer group facilitator and guest speaker whenever she is available!"

     ~Lois Lucas, Intake Specialist
           Catholic Charities of Arizona

"My students responded well and benefited significantly from her presentation. Amira shares in a sensitive way that evidences her wisdom and passionate love for others."

           ~Steven R. Tracy, PhD
Professor of Theology and Ethics
Phoenix Seminary

"She communicates in a dynamic manner that moves the heart and mind of the participants who are blessed enough to hear her."

  ~Celestia G. Tracy, MA, LPC
                 Founder and Director of Resources
                 Mending the Soul Ministries

"Amiras very candid style and her inspiring story helped us shed light on this little known subject. She was truly brave, very positive about her recovery and the program that helped her to heal. She was an asset to our cause."

        ~Minister Diane Jones
"I'm not the same woman I used to be I'm free"
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