Sunday, July 8, 2012

Updated Bio

As a survivor of devastating hardships in her youth, Amira is now living a full life as a victim's advocate, wife, and mother of four beautiful, bright children. Amira is pursuing a Masters in Social Work with a Minor in Women and Gender Studies. Through the Mending The Soul Community Model of Healing, Amira is facing and overcoming such hardships and abuses as; childhood rape, child sex slavery, homelessness as a teen, and severe drug addiction. Stepping out with new-found healing, courage, and strength, Amira is sharing her story with a passion to educate, mentor and empower people who have been traumatized from the dehumanizing acts of sexual abuse. Amira's compelling story of abuse and recovery is a source of inspiration and education to all who have the privilege of hearing her speak.
The cycle of sexual, physical, and emotional abuse began when Amira was raped by a family member at six years old. This early abuse led to a teen experience filled with depression, attempted suicide, and abusive relationships. This cycle manifested, when at the age of 16, Amira was sold to a pimp and held for 8 months, against her will. After fleeing this captivity, Amira was again molested by yet another family member. These experiences were the catalysts that thrust her into a life of drug addiction, which, ultimately led to a year of homelessness as a teenage girl.
Amira met her husband-to-be in the midst of these hardships, and with his love and support, she was able to leave the life when she was 18 years old. In 2009, Amira received her GED and immediately enrolled in college. Motivated by a desire to empower and educate others who have experienced abuse, Amira received a full-ride scholarship to obtain her Degree. She graduated with honors in 2012, and received another full-ride scholarship to Arizona State University, to finish her Master's Degree.
Working with the organization Mending the Soul, Amira has helped to develop and implement the Princess Lost curriculum. Princess Lost is a healing curriculum specifically created to help survivors of sexual abuse and exploitation. As Amira began her personal journey of healing, she began speaking with others about her experiences in 2010. She has since traveled around the country, speaking at various events and schools about the ravaging aftermath of sexual abuse and exploitation. Her speaking has been lauded for “moving the hearts and minds of the participants,” by those who have worked with her. Amira has appeared in Emmy nominated television news segments, in sex trade documentaries, and has spoken on talk radio. “What I loved so much about Amira was her beautiful spirit that created a gentle breeze in a very difficult topic,” says author Vicky Kress.
Amira currently resides with her husband, and four children, and is continuing her education while working with abuse victims and helping to promote awareness and prevention in and around her community.


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